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Hey guys, not sure if these blog posts are being read tbh (I should get more in the habit of posting here) but hope you all are doing well!

Part of my year goals was to contribute more to longterm social causes, so trying out a couple of things that hopefully work out:


Become Climate Positive with Ecologi | Ecologi 


Some of you might have already noticed with my (several) shifts in packaging material over the past few years that I'm trying to shift all my materials towards recyclable/compostable material where I can and reduce whatever ecological impact me and whatever I allocate to customers have by being someone who sells physical and digital goods online.

Related to this and starting this month, I'm trying this service out called Ecologi where I'm pledging to put money towards planting a tree per order I receive each month, as well as supporting environmental projects fighting back against climate change. You can read more details about it (and contribute if you'd like) here:

I don't expect to reach net-zero or anything with carbon offsets or tree planting like this, or significantly reduce what is systematically damaging the environment, but I am hoping this does help in some way, somehow by investing for a greener future. If anything I'm still learning and working to be more ecologically responsible and hope to bring more awareness to this kind of thing - I urge you all to do the same as best as you can in your ability!



If you haven't already seen this on Twitter, I'm aiming to giveaway two $50 GC2B giftcards to two random individuals who might need them. Planning to do this every month, with this month's raffle closing on the 15th of March.

No RTs/likes/follows are necessary for participation, so if you're interested, just fill out this form and I'll be announcing winners later this month:

Sincerely hoping this helps folks out since I know gender affirmation can be quite the investment!


In any case, wanted to thank everyone who's ever supported this store and my work - it's definitely become somewhat of a second job at this point, and I want to try my best to give back where I can since I feel really humbled by the opportunity to create for you all. Thank you for enabling me in this way and I hope to continue making art for as long as I can!


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