Store Theme Update!

Happy December!

Another year almost done - I know I've been a bit more erratic than usual this year so more than ever thank you so much for the patience and support. I know that it's been rough for everyone, and I definitely been hit more than I would have liked by the mental tolls of the pandemic, so it certainly means a lot.

In brighter news, I've updated the store theme! There's definitely components with it that need to be ironed out, but hopefully it looks better than before and is easy to navigate. Definitely let me know if you run into any trouble or can't find something specific!

As for upcoming merch, I've slowed down a lot with production this year as a result of growing pain in my wrist and mental health, but I'm still itching to produce items for all of you to enjoy. Haven't listed these quite yet since I want to make sure these actually go into production and can make it to me during their expected month (January), but here's a sneak peak and some new mushroom focused items on their way:

Anyway hope you all are well, stay safe and warm, happy holidays!

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