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A tattoo ticket is for written permission to use any preexisting artwork I have posted for a tattoo design, and acknowledgement of any usage terms.

Purchase of one or multiple tattoo tickets are not required, but highly appreciated as I will treat them like tips. Even without purchase, usage terms should still be respected.

  • Any drawing not labeled as a commission can be used, as long as it is for personal use ONLY. Modifications by the tattoo artist are permitted to better fit the tattoo.
  • Usage is not exclusive.
  • Commissions for tattoo designs are closed. The ticket is for image usage permission, not for the tattoo itself.
  • If there are any other questions (or if you'd like to share tattoo progress photos as those are cool to see!), feel free to contact me through email.
  • Tips can also be given through my Ko-fi, if that is more preferred.

Thank you!

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Orders are done in rounds and shipped out when that time period is over. Unless this period is defined, orders are generally prepped through the weekend and shipped out on Monday/Tuesday which can take up to two weeks to fulfill.

Domestic packages, on average, should arrive within 3-10 days after shipment. International packages, on average, should arrive within 3-5 weeks after shipment.


COVID-19 NOTE: Due to the ongoing pandemic, orders are being processed in smaller batches and may take longer to be prepared and arrive. If there are any concerns or adjustments that need to be made (such as a change in address), please reach out to with any inquiries.

Please take proper precautions when the package arrives such as disinfecting any packaging and washing hands after handling.

Stay safe and take care!